At the bottom of my post is a link to a lawyer’s story.  Read it. I dare you.

When I was a child in elementary school, we learned about “America” as though it were the promised land. We learned that it was a safe place. A place where anyone in the world could ask to come if they were being threatened, oppressed, terrorized or tortured. We were proud of that – that this was a “safe house” on a global scale. We had laws and procedures that made it possible to determine whether your story was credible, and if it was we would welcome you.

What this lawyer is reporting is the opposite of that. We are no longer a safe place. What we are doing is sending desperate people back to be murdered. It is the equivalent of putting them on trains to gas chambers, only crueler because they came to us in hope. So we yanked their children from them, and pointed them back to the rapists and murderers that drove them here.

APPLYING FOR ASYLUM IS NOT ILLEGAL. Let me repeat that. APPLYING FOR ASYLUM IS NOT ILLEGAL. It is a last act of hope when you have no place where your children are safe. This administration has reframed that act of desperation as an invasion of vermin on our sacred (stolen) land. And it is complete bullshit. It is not the way we have ever handled asylum seekers. It is cruel and unusual.

I spent my whole career safeguarding the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. We know what trauma does to small ones. We know it changes them forever. We know some of them will never recover. And many of them will hate us. And we will deserve it.

I grew up on the NY/Canadian border, and if I were facing what these people are facing I would do ANYTHING to get my family to safety. I would swim the fucking St. Lawrence River with my grandchildren on my back. Never mind the cold water, the currents, or the fact that I am old and out of shape. I WOULD DELIVER THEM TO SAFETY. I have not one single doubt in my mind about that. If I died in the process I would bring them to a place where they could breathe and recover from their trauma.

How dare we deny this to people turning to us in utter despair?

Any Trump-lovers on my friends list, do not sit there in your whiteness and your comfort and your socialist Medicare and talk to me about how they should have come here legally. They fucking did. It is legal to seek asylum at your immigration hearing. Now we change all the rules and gag the attorneys who would call for fairness. We are stealing their children and sending these heartbroken, anguished people back to certain death. Period. There is no pretty way to smoke-and-mirror me into believing otherwise.

Who gave our government permission to be so hateful? When did greed and power become the driving delusion for so-called Christians? All lives matter? Code for “White Lives Matter.” Pro-life? I call bullshit on you.

I will never accept this. This is NOT the America I studied as a child. It is NOT the America we used to be proud of. If we don’t turn this around and save these children and families, we have lost our souls.

Again: Read this Lawyer’s experience.       I dare you.




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